Zimbabwe holds the world’s second-largest chrome ore reserves after South Africa. As at end of June 2017, the country has exported 232,367.89 metric tonnes of chrome ore valued at $41.781 million. MMCZ believes that the projected target for chrome export can be achieved if measures are put in place to ensure that small-scale chrome ore

Arcadia Lithium Project

Thursday, 13 July 2017 by

ARCADIA LITHIUM PROJECT DELIVERS ROBUST PRE-FEASIBILITY STUDY & ON TRACK FOR DEVELOPMENT Prospect Resources Ltd (ASX:PSC) announced on 3 July 2017 that its Pre- Feasibility Study (“PFS”) over the Arcadia Lithium Project in Zimbabwe has been completed. According to the announcement, the results of the PFS confirm and validate the Company’s objective of developing Arcadia

Beneficiation of Diamonds in Zimbabwe

Wednesday, 14 September 2016 by

Run-of-mine diamonds especially alluvial, are generally coated with carbon and other materials. These materials may also penetrate into the diamond cracks as inclusions. When both the coating and the inclusions are removed, the quality of the diamond stones is enhanced and the prices are consequently increased. The demand for cleaner diamonds is greater. Ever since the discovery of diamonds in Zimbabwe, they have been sold and exported in raw form, thus fetching relatively low prices.