Corporate Social Investment

MMCZ recognizes the importance of engaging in corporate social responsibility initiatives and being a responsible and good corporate citizen through supporting its communities and special groups in society. Thus, the Corporation continues to be committed to sport, art, education, economic and social development.

Taking it as the Corporation’s moral obli¬gation to help those less fortunate in its midst, MMCZ jumps at every worthwhile opportunity to improve the lives of the underprivileged in society.

The Corporation has partnered the Zimbabwe School of Mines and every year it donates text books for use in the ZSM library. MMCZ in a bid to ensure excellence in the quality of graduates from the school sponsors the academic excellence awards which are given to the overall top 3 students. It has given out bursaries to academically gifted students from underprivileged backgrounds.

In 2011, the Corporation donated US$100,000.00 to Lupane University for the construction of the institution. The donations made in 2011 totalled US$123,585.00. In 2012, the philanthropic activities of the Corporation almost doubled to $234,703.38. It distributed stationery to all primary and secondary schools in Umguza. In supporting the arts industry, it donated T-shirts and a generator to the Chimanimani Arts festival. Coming to the aid of other complimentary arms of Government, MMCZ has donated to the Commissioner General’s fun fare and CID Minerals Unit. It has also come to the aid of the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development, whenever there is need.

MMCZ has in the past partnered Danhiko, Harare Children’s Home, Jairos Jiri, Shungu dzeVana Trust among others.

MMCZ also extends its philanthropic activities to providing professional attachment training to university students, with a view to prepare them for a transition into employment as well as for them to acquire the much needed business skills.