Market Development & Maintenance

In conjunction with the producer:

  • Develops new markets for Zimbabwean minerals
  • Maintains and grows existing market share in strategic markets

Sales Contracts

  • Negotiates, enters and administers the implementation of sales agreements in keeping with the provisions of the MMCZ Act.
  • MMCZ is also involved in monitoring of market conditions and physical movement of the product.

Product Distribution

  • MMCZ is responsible for the physical movement of the product from the mine location to the point of sale;
  • Consolidates Cargo from various producers for onward exports to assist small scale miners to achieve (Economies of scale)
  • Negotiates logistics contracts
  • Arranges warehousing facilities

Market Research

The Corporation actively searches for markets on behalf of producers. The marketing team is dedicated to ensuring that producers get the best value out of their minerals and as such market intelligence forms the core of team’s marketing efforts.

The Corporation subscribes to a number of international mineral research houses and also undertakes various market visits including international fairs and exhibitions to keep abreast on:

  • Mineral commodity prices and outlook
  • Competitor activity
  • Production statistics
  • Technological developments
  • Demand outlook